1. How many pounds per person?

We serve 1 ½ pounds per person in every order. If that’s too much, it’s lunch the next day!

2. Are the Stone Crabs cracked?

We ship the Crabs whole, and they will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week. We only ship fresh, never frozen, so they last longer!

3. How do you crack the Stone Crabs?

We’ll soon be sharing a video on ‘How to crack Stone Crabs’!

4. How do I store the Stone Crabs

When you get them, rinse the claws under cold water and place them in a bowl with ice both under and over them. Each day, just drain the bowl and add more ice. They will last at least a week, but taste better the sooner they are eaten.

5. Where are your Stone Crabs caught?

The best Stone Crabs are caught in the Florida Keys. All of our catch is specifically from the middle Keys.

6. How do I cook the Stone Crabs?

Our fresh stone crabs are already cooked and chilled. They are cooked within 6 hours of the catch and stay fresh over a week after they are chilled. For more information, check out our resources HERE

7. How many Stone Crabs per pound?

The large are 4-5 per pound. The Jumbo are 3 per pound.

8. Do you ship out of the country?

We only ship to the Continental USA so they can arrive fresh next day via overnight FedEx delivery.

9. Are the Stone Crabs packed on wet or dry Ice?

Our fresh stone crabs are shipped with Frozen Jell packs – no mess!

10. What time will I receive my package?

Most cities will receive the packages by 10:30 am but depending on your zip code it may arrive before 4:30 pm.

11. What If I want to cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the shipping date. Please call our service number 305-989-1969 for assistance.

12. When will my Credit Card be charged?

Your card will be charged when we receive the order.

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13. How many stone crabs should one person eat?

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14. What are fresh stone crabs

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 15, When is stone crab season?

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