Fresh Stone Crabs delivers seafood delicacy right to your door


It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, and we’re not just talking about fall and Halloween. It is officially stone crab season, and Deco’s checking out one company that’s delivering something claw-some from the boats right to your table.

Don’t be crabby. Bite into some stone crabs instead.

There’s no need to go to a restaurant, because SoFlo’s own Fresh Stone Crabs rolls right up to your home with yummy seafood in hand.

Shelly Abramowitz, Fresh Stone Crabs: “What we do is just fresh stone crabs. Straight from the boat, 24 hours from the catch, right to your house.”

This isn’t just your average delivery service, either, because Fresh Stone Crabs is really serious about the “fresh” part of their name.

Shelly Abramowitz: “I don’t sell a stone crab that’s not 24 hours right out of the water.”

Stone crab season just kicked off a couple days ago, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Shelly Abramowitz: “If you’ve never tasted it, it’s the sweetest.”

Booking a fresh delivery all around Miami is easy, too. All you gotta do is let them know how many people you need to feed and what kind of stone crab you want.

Shelly Abramowitz: “We’ve got mediums, we’ve got large, we’ve got jumbo, and we have colossal, so these things start at around $30 a pound and go all the way up to around $80 a pound. We normally suggest about a pound and a half per person.”

Another cool thing about Fresh Stone Crabs delivery is that Shelly, the owner, is more than willing to prepare the rest of your meal … even if it means doing some of the cooking.

Shelly Abramowitz: “We go that extra mile and that extra step for people. You get the ingredients, and we’ll help you put it together.”

Shelly says he always recommends potatoes and asparagus to pair with the crabs.

And, of course, his signature secret sauce.

Shelly Abramowitz: “If I had to tell ya, I’d have to kill you.”

Got it. But these stone crabs really are to die for.

Katrina Segal, customer: “The food was amazing, on par, as always. Freshest stone crabs we have ever eaten and enjoyed. The shell falls right off of the claw, and it is just the juiciest, most tender stone crab.”

Fresh Stone Crabs doesn’t just do local deliveries. They overnight stone crabs anywhere in the U.S.

Fresh Stone Crabs

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