Anyone who loves seafood knows that there are very few things better than enjoying a fresh batch of Florida Stone Crabs. Every year food connoisseurs and novices alike anxiously await October 15th which is the official launch of stone crab season.

Stone crabs are known for their sweet and delicate meat and is considered one of the most sustainable seafood resources. The reason for their sustainability is the fact that when they are caught only one claw is removed and the crab goes back into the water where it will regrow the missing claw. They are usually found near oyster reefs and rocky areas and are caught using traps.

 When caught the claws must be cooked right away as the meat is very delicate and put into refrigeration. The boats sell either directly to the restaurants or markets and they in turn sell to you. They are normally sold in 4 sizes medium, large, jumbo and colossal with the price per pound increasing as the size of the claw does.

 While there are many restaurants where you can go to enjoy this delicacy, it is very cost prohibitive for most of the population. With that in mind Fresh Stone Crabs decided to go direct to the source to get the freshest claws at the best price and pass along the savings for you to enjoy. Not only do they ship fresh never frozen to anywhere in the US but they also include a free key lime pie with every order. The prices are usually about 50% less than what you would pay at a market or restaurant.

Shelley Abramoitz who is currently a Real Estate Broker /Associate at Museum Park Realty is the master mind behind the whole operation. When it comes to Stone Crabs and experience he has tons of BOTH!

We had the pleasure of catching up with Shelley in order to get to know him a little better. He told us his fascination with stone crabs started back in 1989. He was a big fan of Joe’s Stone Crabs, he said he used to go straight to Joes as soon as he landed in the airport. He then realized that shipping stone crabs to people might work out well. “I thought why not ship these crabs to NYC and everyone all over the USA...I opened South Beach Stone Crabs and shipped right out my garage back in those days. We we're shipping $1 million dollars after one year and the rest was history.  When we opened a restaurant on Lincoln Road we had to serve the fresh crabs in the restaurant and didn't have enough Fresh for shipping. Now we're only shipping and are the only one shipping 100% Fresh Stone Crabs. We also now do local delivery and will give a free Key Lime Pie with every 10 pd order. In Miami Beach delivery is free.”

Shelley wants everyone to know he stands by his guarantee. A common concern for a stone crab purchase is whether your getting frozen stone crabs and paying for “FRESH STONE CRABS”.

“Prices are different all over town, but the main concern should be whether your Crabs are fresh or frozen. Their so expensive that not having fresh is a tragedy”.

“They’re the highest price right now that they have ever been and as we get close to the Holidays they will only go higher...People won't eat them as often at these prices so be sure you’re getting the best quality you get to savor this wonderful treat we all enjoy “.

Call Shelley for your Fresh Stone Crabs 305-989-1969


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